Al Topao


Al topao is a dominican popular game that it is still played by kids in the island. I still can remember how I used to play it when I was in public school in R.D. or with my friends and siblings, era tan divertido! As I am getting older, I feel the need to inspire others, and make their work stand out, because they do really deserve it. Often they just need words to remind themselves that we need their voices, stories, dilemmas, goals and talents. Now, I want to tag along like the Al Topao and make them feel safe by sharing their experiences and works in this site. I will be conducting interviews to artists who are not recognized, yet, they have so much potential. I hope I can be the light they were waiting for. In this section, you will find their stories.

If you know anyone you think I should consider to be interviewed, please contact me by e-mail:

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Mujer con Voz
Fior E. Plasencia