I am trying to practice reading my poems, I barely do, I don’t consider myself a spoken-word artist, but I love poetry… So I gave it a try. I hope you guys like it. Este poema se llama “Caribeña.”


the mixed jungle

the sleeping sunsets of curly hair

Taino’s eyes

Minerva Mirabal

Conquistadora of lo imposible 

Caña-speaking aloud soul


Another unknown inexperienced poet

Hierro character

and never a follower.

I guess thats too much to handle… 

Mujer con Voz ©2016


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The author of Para Cenar Habrá Nostalgia, Fior Plasencia, appeared on the Carolina Cadillo show on Saturday for an entertaining interview. Carolina, Guebin, Jeff and Fior talked about everything, including her book, love life, funny Dominican anecdotes and much more. This was her first ever interview on a radio station, have a listen and enjoy!

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