Otro Dolor/Another Pain

Wearing//gunpowder//in their skins//trying//
to baptise//the loose cotton//the unconscious drums//
the fire between the lost// when all along//dignity floats//
above the water// violence// cannot taint the flames on you//on you.


Mujer con Voz ©2016

photo credit

Conversations with the Light

I remember
I can feel my lungs doing the work

H e l p M e

Being different is a hard pill to swallow
The tones of nature, coffee, my mother’s prayers live in me
The song is playing, I can’t help but dance
rotating like all those planets and
all those peaceful memories
The night is doing what she likes to do:
make us dream
I know some are scared of the light
And they don’t want anyone showing them
that the impossible can be possible
and that this moment, this moment right here

is what c o u n t s

My dance is my rainbow, sweet metaphor
And you know what is funny? When people see a rainbow in the sky,
they don’t run and say
“Hey! You!
Colorful thing!
Burn out”
I wish people will do the same with
If they want to be the light
in this dark place
let them be.


Symmetry of el Cuerpo

Photo by Joelle Santos @azuquita.prieta
“Get inside the hips of a plane
Travel millions light far from el caldero 
de arroz
Learn a new form to love
inside-out of your translated words
But I tell you, honey
light travels back
and that body is full of symmetry
expect it to reflect 
the life you







 Haitiano mi Amigo 


Photo by Jose A. Silva

Friends. You and I can become friends with someone who lives in the other side, the division, el arroyo, the bloody lines made with hands who don’t want to be divided by a light of power. Yo vi el  human not a specific color, neither a label, I saw you –a person who lucha  against what is wrong. I know, yo sè, before we went though our hardships and struggle with our locked hands, we had and we still have, so much in common, and I believe you see it too, like the colors on our flags and the mountains we shared (hidden from the outside world and the big screams in Time Square). We can’t put together with a glue used in elementary school the splits pieces of  lands (Tierra), it’s too complicated, but something better can happen– mutual understanding, undressing the fake labels, and give space not to a “person of color,” but to a human, un humano, como tú y yo.  My friend, mi amigo, he’s Haitian, and  I see el viento de alegria and peaceful revolution in his words, it’s a bother and a human también. I wish the world can see it, as I do.



Photo by Oliver G. Santos

c o m e back

b r i n g back those remainders
s c e n t s  of commitment
and  l o v e
it is b l a c k all I can remember
as the body  that once was fire
no longer is
r e t u r n
t o your normal self
mixing tears with s a l t
c l e a r i n g, spinning the hopeless mirror
in another d i r e c t i o n
like this p o e m
like us.


El Encuentro

Photo credit: Oliver G. Santos

Photo credit: Oliver G. Santos


Regálame un pedazo de cielo, que desde hace tiempo muero y no tengo hogar,
solo la esperanza de estar a tu lado.
Regálame un pedazo de infierno para tan solo cubrirme del frío.
Regálame un pedazo de tierra para poder ver a mis seres queridos por ultima vez.
Regálame un pedazo de tu alma para saber como es estar en tu corazón.
Expande tus brazos, las puertas de las nubes esperaban tu reclamo.


Hazla tuyas, como la luz que has sembrado en mi costado.
Expande tus brazos para darle sentido a las llamas que crecen en mi solas,
sobre el sudor del invierno. Te esperaba ya…
Expande tus brazos, te daré el ombligo de la entrañas para que visites lo que no se han ido.
Expande tus brazos para dejarte entrar donde debiste estar desde el siempre que no se conoce.
Te esperaba ya…

The Meeting


Give me a piece of heaven that since a long time ago I am dying and I have no home,
just the hope of being at your side.
Give me a piece of hell for just cover myself from the cold.
Give me a piece of earth to see my dear ones for just one last time.
Give me a piece of your soul to know how is being in your heart.


Spread your arms, door clouds are waiting for you.
Make them yours as the light you built at my side.
Spread your arms to give sense to the flames that grows in myself,
over the sweat of the Winter, I was waiting for you.
Spread your arms, I’ll give you my body for you to visit those who have not left.
Spread your arms to let you in were you belong since I knew you, I was waiting for you.


Luigi   @lesouchon

F.P.     @mujerconvoz_poetry