I rest my loneliness
on your sky
Sé que estás congelada con él
y en tu boca bilingual 
estruja las estructuras grises 
en las calles Neoyorquinas
Tú que hablas con las palabras 
cortadas por la mitad 
hidden behind a language 
that’s still sounds malévola 
and you managed to climb 
those green trees 
el trópico travieso 
azúcar del Sur
la menta en fundita
hasta aquí 
y me importa un cero 
que tus garabatos de la 
Si es que tú, 
mal habla’ mía 
me traes mi suelo
to this country that 
would never be home.

Mujer con Voz ©2016





photo credit

Conversations with the Light

I remember
I can feel my lungs doing the work

H e l p M e

Being different is a hard pill to swallow
The tones of nature, coffee, my mother’s prayers live in me
The song is playing, I can’t help but dance
rotating like all those planets and
all those peaceful memories
The night is doing what she likes to do:
make us dream
I know some are scared of the light
And they don’t want anyone showing them
that the impossible can be possible
and that this moment, this moment right here

is what c o u n t s

My dance is my rainbow, sweet metaphor
And you know what is funny? When people see a rainbow in the sky,
they don’t run and say
“Hey! You!
Colorful thing!
Burn out”
I wish people will do the same with
If they want to be the light
in this dark place
let them be.



 La vida se me hizo vida de golpe

Busco un nido en mi ropa

Multiplicó mis idiomas visibles

Se rió de mí al abrazar my years

los que I wouldn’t have again.  

Decolonizing Hair

“Decolonizing cabellos

Dark brown
Dim romantic night looking spheres
Colored in love with hints of sugar cane
Yellow Jabao’
Melena caprichosa, mal entendida, no sumisa, a ti qué te importa cabellera
Mente suelta
Forestation of the natural
Colonization, out of my scalp!
curls/straight/wavy/rebelde/ I don’t have a type of hair
long/short/medium/a lo macho
como te dé la gana hair
Stop combing árboles of history
Your grandmother
Africana/ taina/mezcla
was a badass
Basass like “I know my ancestry”
Badass like ” I am beautiful”
Badass, edgy, conscious, leída, extravagante
like an evolution
like a revolución of the
“you need to fix your hair”
Do it!
Descoloniza your hair.”



Foto por Fernelis Lajara 

He decidido mudarme.
He decidido mudarme al otro lado
de alambres con pullas
llevando en los pesones circulares conmigo
Mirarme con una lupa
hacia dentro
(dentro del de adentro)
y amarme
amarme sola…


I’ve decided to move .
I’ve decided to move to the other side with wire barbs
carrying the circular nipples with me
Looking at myself with a magnifying glass
towards inside
(within the inside)
and love me
love me


This a collaboration with the artists and writer @Masproblemas. This is one of his illustrations. 
You see heart breaks, I just see new material to write about.

I will immortalize you with my words even if you don’t deserve it.


Is that your new hobby to break damn good hearts and then going around shallowing your pride?
Mark the lines of this poem with
another piece of your phosphorescent lies
I’ll make sure you regret it
I’ll make sure you won’t survive
I’ll show you what a real woman is like
making you full
reminding you where you came from,
the same tunnel you are running away from.

F.P. @Mujerconvozpoetry


  Photo by Nathalia Alonzo @nattalonzo

-Take care-
-I’ll be just fine-
-Do not lie to yourself-
-That’s why my decision is gratifying…
dead things must be placed on the ground.I won’t lie to myself no more, you are the leftovers from unnecessary wars.I must go.-
– Cuídate –
– Yo bien estaré-
– No te mientas a ti misma-
– Por eso me decisión es tan gratificante…
las cosas que están muertas deben ser puestas en el suelo. Nunca más me mentiré, tú eres las sobras de innecesarias guerras.Tengo que irme.-

This Train is Going Downtown 

“Going to sleep with the past trapped around those moon looking eyes pretending to not care at all about what happened and you still care I still care, we both know, be both feel it, rushing down our throats in our separated cities in our divided pillows in our distant bodies that we are still connected to the day when you were still a stranger bypassing the subway car in Brooklyn waking me up, shaking me up, making me feel human, human, human…some word in people’s mouth that doesn’t have significance any longer for me, after you.


“El ir a dormir con el pasado envuelto alrededor de los ojos que se miran como la luna fingiendo que no les importa en absoluto lo que sucedió y todavía te importa todavía me importa, ambos sabemos, los sentimos los dos, corriendo por nuestras gargantas en nuestras ciudades separadas en nuestras almohadas distantes en nuestros cuerpos separados que todavía estamos conectados a el días cuando todavía una desconocido eras  pasando por el vagón del metro en Brooklyn, que me despertaba, temblando, haciéndome sentir humano, humano, humano…una palabra más en la boca de la gente que ya significando no tiene, después de ti.”

He Ate The Moon

The destination
he intended to
have was more black
than white, luckily, he assimilated
like his ancestors, he ate the moon and thought it was magic.

upon finding out she bleeds

que intentó tener
era más negro que
el blanco, por suerte, asimiló
al igual que sus antepasados, se comió la luna y pensó que era magia.

al descubrir que ella sangra