To the mothers who give their kids names of Central American Rivers, dreams, adding extra letters… extra authenticity, to the ones who choose to be a chaotic current instead of pacific water, to the moms who decided to be hard instead of easy, the ones who wanted their daughters to dust themselves when they fall, the ones who knew your name would be hard to pronounce, but they knew you would survive, to you…madres, strong ones, I say thank you for giving me a name people would never comprehend but it makes me who I am. 


Mujer con Voz ©2016

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No hará Ruido Mi Boca

La próxima vez que me manden a peinar…
I will remain in silence

Qué hable mi cabello de trigo y mandarinas

Qué suenen las tamboras del suelo

Qué se niegue a doblarse los rizos

Qué cumplan mi boca con el corazón 

I will not speak, I SAY

Qué cante mi piel oscura

Qué mueva la tierra su ombligo 

Qué sacuda las caderas la historia

Qué se levante el río dormido

Qué el olor a coco les tapé las narices 

I will not say one single word… 

búscate oficio.

Mujer con Voz ©2016

photo by Marius Buzac

Interview by Hola, Rita

I have the pleasure of being interviewed by hola, rita., and I am so excited that she took the time to learn more about me and my creative process. The honor is mine, Carmen, it feels so good that we support each other. Please go read the interview, and in the mean time follow her blog, she is really amazing. Read the interview in here.

Tuve el gran honor de ser entrevistada por hola, rita., y me siento tan entusiasmada que ella tomó de su tiempo para conocer más de mi proceso creativo y de mí. El honor es mío, Carmen, que bien se siente que nos apoyemos unos a los otros. Por favor vayan a leer la entrevista, y aprovechen para seguirla en su blog, en verdad ella es increíble. Lean la entrevista aquí. ¡Gracias!

My Own War

Mi revolution is silenciosa
Me desvisto con la ropa puesta
Canto y bailo on top de las pestañas del peatón furioso

I am too real to be around

Mis victorias no son Victorias Secrets… son más bien triunfos con panzas y narices redondas
Me mandan a vestirme porque mi personalidad los sofocan
Soy mi propia batalla

I am my own war
and mundo

que buscar dormir en una mata
que gana sin querer
que quiere porque así es
y así se la pasa comiendo una revolución de chinolas en su boca.

Mujer con Voz ©2016

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Teach your kids to do things for themselves; like conquering their fears, crying and wearing bright colors if they choose to. Teach them to carry pride in their eyes, dile que su piel es un legado, que brille aún así lo quieran apagar.


Mujer con Voz ©2016



Me confieso contigo
. I dressed that one day like I want the world to be inside my chest. ¿Qué te digo? No I didn’t want attention, no man spilling their tongues all over me, from far, from there, from across the gentrified corner. I just wanted to dress and feel beautiful inside and out, something these days we cannot say too loud. But the chismosas del barrio, they took each piece of my soul and destroyed it with their bare mouths. Aunque la mona se vista de ceda, mona se queda, look, look she is a prostitute seeking for attention wearing that dress that looks like a diaper instead of clothes, qué Dios la perdone, el mundo se va acabar, la mujeres de ahora no sirven.They didn’t know, how we are slaved in this notion, that the way you dress decides whether or not you are a good or bad member of society, that their words are prisoners of generations that couldn’t set their feet free, they assumed and they brake, they do not fix. The day I decided to feel beautiful for me, was the same day they assumed I was the bitch. 


Mujer con Voz ©2016


Playing in the Campo

Caramelo de coco
Se entierra en mi frente mojada
Se acuesta en la hambre de los signos zodiacales 
Nadie me acompaña 
Yo todavía escucho a Selena bailar despierta
Se te nota la distancia en la caras que utilizas 
Reza por mi
En cualquiera que sea tu montaña mansa
En la montaña rusa de maletas sin cariño voy
Montaña con nombre de monaliza marrón 
trae el
camino las
huellas de tu sombra las
canciones sin dueño 
Regálame coco con tus manos 
Suspira por dentro, mientras te sueño.

Mujer con Voz ©2016

Photo Ismael Rodriguez @smarodz

Spoken Word Artist – Poetry in 3D


The internet is a great place to meet talented artist, people who put their souls in what they write. I have the honor of interviewing Massiel Felix.  She is a Dominican mother raised in Washington Heights, a spoken word artist, writer, and a creative person who devotes herself to this craft. I hope you guys follow her in this journey of creativity and allow yourself to be induced in what she believes is “poetry in 3D.” 

Who is Massiel? Tell us about yourself…
I am a 38 year old mother of two who grew up in Washington Heights with her fellow Dominicans and now resides in Staten Island. I direct an after school program and summer camp for a non profit organization by day but all of my free spaces are occupied by writing. It’s my greatest passion.


Massiel Felix

At what age do you began writing? There’s was a particular incident that made you want to write?

I was never a fan of spending summers at home all day and often elected to take extra classes in summer school while in HS. One particular summer there was a writing workshop being offered and I thought it would be fun to attend. I still remember the first poem I ever wrote in that class. At the time I was afraid I was with child and was having horrific nightmares about undergoing an abortion. It came out on paper, and it turned out I wasn’t pregnant, which was great! Lol. In college I slammed often at the Nuyorican and was invited to join their team in summer of 1998. We competed in the Love Jones festival in ft. Lauderdale and won! I fell in love with the release of emotion writing allowed and I haven’t stopped since.

Who are you favorite writers?

I am a huge fan of Marquez, Neruda, Nikki Giovanni, Toni Morrison, Zora Neal Hurston and Saul Williams to name a few.

What are your writing process, rituals, and routines?

I tend to jot down ideas as they come. Some I develop into full blown spoken word pieces, others remain single stanza pieces that have the strength to stand alone. I use writing prompts to get the juices flowing at times and love participating in prompt challenges on instagram lol. I wake up half an hour early and write down the first thing that comes to mind. It can be a new thought or the continuation of a previously started project. The point for me is to write daily and often to keep my pen flowing.

Which topics are frequent in your writing? What genre do you prefer?

I write about life and everything that encompasses. The easiest thing to ever write about is love- who hasn’t been affected by it really? Lol. I enjoy challenging myself and writing outside that comfort zone to talk about things like identity and race for example. My first love will always be spoken word- I refer to it as poetry in 3D.

What is your favorite thing you have created?

That is a tough question! Lol. I always feel like I haven’t written my favorite piece yet but I do have a couple that I refer to ever so often. If I had to choose though  I would say it is a poem entitled “No Inbetween.” It is the first piece I wrote that had nothing to do with love and relationships, it’s a nod to my Dominican heritage and speaks to the awkwardness of trying to fit into societies boxes and retain your identity.

Do you consider yourself a creative person?

I absolutely do. I have always tapped into the right half of my brain. I enjoy drawing, interior decorating and also have a passion for event design.

 What are you trying to communicate with your art? 

I’m honestly just trying to quiet the noise in my head. If I don’t write I feel heavy and burdened. If someone happens to relate to what I write it is a huge plus.

What type of difficulties have you faced when it comes to pursuing your writing career? How have you dismissed these obstacles?

I have just recently devoted myself to making a career out of my art so there hasn’t been much time to come across obstacles. I am my own worst critic though so I can see that being the greatest obstacle I will have to overcome in the long run. My hope is that with continued growth I will outgrow the fear of inadequacy and failure I harbor and push through to success.

How do we see Massiel in the future? What are your plans? How can we find more of your work? Any advice for new writers?

I see Massiel as a published poet in about a year or so. I am currently working on growing my contingent of supporters on the Instagram page I have devoted to my art : @ihavepoetry and also working with fellow poets to put together and participate in showcases throughout the city. My biggest piece of advice would be to trust your voice, it is like no other and that’s what makes it special. Read read read! Anything you can get your hands on to grow your vocabulary and expand your minds horizons – then let it out on paper. Make time to write daily- schedule it in like you would a meal! Lol.