This a collaboration with the artists and writer @Masproblemas. This is one of his illustrations. 
You see heart breaks, I just see new material to write about.

I will immortalize you with my words even if you don’t deserve it.


Is that your new hobby to break damn good hearts and then going around shallowing your pride?
Mark the lines of this poem with
another piece of your phosphorescent lies
I’ll make sure you regret it
I’ll make sure you won’t survive
I’ll show you what a real woman is like
making you full
reminding you where you came from,
the same tunnel you are running away from.

F.P. @Mujerconvozpoetry


  Photo by Nathalia Alonzo @nattalonzo

-Take care-
-I’ll be just fine-
-Do not lie to yourself-
-That’s why my decision is gratifying…
dead things must be placed on the ground.I won’t lie to myself no more, you are the leftovers from unnecessary wars.I must go.-
– Cuídate –
– Yo bien estaré-
– No te mientas a ti misma-
– Por eso me decisión es tan gratificante…
las cosas que están muertas deben ser puestas en el suelo. Nunca más me mentiré, tú eres las sobras de innecesarias guerras.Tengo que irme.-