[A second collaboration with a teacher and writer @unclewalts]

I want to follow the stars
with her until we have been
to places unknown and
tasted foods and fresh air
in every clime, until time
seems to stand still and
we become one, together
in a strange land, until
we finally unite and bind
our souls as one.

— m r @Unclewalt2

I want to find you in the
mold of the bathroom floor
(with pastel colors and dramatic lines),
que tú braid the uncontrollable
chaotic hair of mine,
and then I can react to the
smell of your pensamiento 
– kind of in Inglés – which
is traveling from the vocals
of the siren in the autopistas 
of the world, but only coming
to salvarme a mí, rescue me.

— F.P. @Mujerconvoz_poetry

Chemba Roja

Foto por Natalia Alonzo

Voy a ser un pedazo de sueño en el 
bolsillo,entre la oscuridad…
y un aerosol a la calma,
cuando el perfume barato se
trague la chemba roja.

I will be a piece of a dream in the pocket,
between darkness…
and a spray to the calmness,
when the cheap perfume
swallows the red lips.