To the mothers who give their kids names of Central American Rivers, dreams, adding extra letters… extra authenticity, to the ones who choose to be a chaotic current instead of pacific water, to the moms who decided to be hard instead of easy, the ones who wanted their daughters to dust themselves when they fall, the ones who knew your name would be hard to pronounce, but they knew you would survive, to you…madres, strong ones, I say thank you for giving me a name people would never comprehend but it makes me who I am. 


Mujer con Voz ©2016

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I am the Caribbean:

the mixed jungle
the sleeping sunsets of curly hair
Taino’s eyes
Minerva Mirabal
Conquistadora of the impossible
Caña-speaking aloud soul
Another unknown inexperienced poet
Hierro character
and never a follower.
I guess thats too much to handle…


Soy una mujer de boleros, pintura y comida hecha por mis propias manos.

Mis talentos son;

hablar con los ojos y repartir verdades.

Soy lo opuesto a lo común.

¿Quién digo que ser así es malo?

©F.P. – 2015