On Days like this One

Photo by Djilas Gomez @djilasgomez

“On days like this one, mom, with her moño alto, used to cook for us/ Her church was the kitchen, her hands were the prayers/ The entire house smelled like a dream you could reach with your own hands/ A song de domingo was playing in the radio, before, way before the light was out for five hours/ The stove could talk to us, burning, burning things without taking away their magic/ Light entered her green cocina with a smile/ The colorful clothes were bathing themselves in the sol/ When the worship en la cocina was done, she was calling us to come prepare the table and confused all our names/ We did not care/ All of us sat on the wooden table/ The hot food was waiting patiently grandly offering itself to be eaten/ It was 12 on the dot/ The sun decided to sit with us/ The aroma of family increased as we eat/ The clothes drying in the patio never screamed for help/ On days like this one, I found out you could have a religion without a name/Mami, with her generous manos and her tall moño taught me that.”

Mujer con Voz ©2016


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